On the Radio!

We've had some really nice weather, house guests, my daughter's dance academy had their big production. All of the school activities are wrapping up as Summer takes over.

You know, life.

I've now cooked up full broadcast support for my music system, and am handling the music programming for late night on our local station (KVSH), all the way through to 6AM. Starting tomorrow, that extends to 8AM, with two hours of Pop. (Hoo boy, I sure hope I got all the radio edits right!)

Give it a listen: Voice of Vashon

But part of the reason I was willing to add radio edits, broadcast log merging, and 96k audio was that these were things I always planned for Radio Vashon. Over on my Beta development server, I have the media loaded to handle all combinations of 96k/48k radio-edit/original-track. And I'm putting the finishing touches on letting you choose the lower or higher data rate, and at what threshold you'd prefer the cleaned-up version of the track (or if it's not clean enough and there's no edit, the track will be skipped instead).

I hand crafted Radio Vashon's 48k format so it was the best possible intersection of efficient and listenable. That said, when the extra data usage is OK (unlimited data plan, or over home broadband), it's nice to be able to select the extra fidelity you get with a higher data rate. I hope you enjoy it!

All this, and I still try to stay abreast of the music industry. Who would've thought Billy Ray Cyrus (Mr. "Achy Breaky Heart") would be back? I've put his remix of Lil Nas X's "Old Town Road" into rotation. It pops up at 7:12AM on Tuesday, the first time the track plays on Vashon FM radio!

The Pop world bubbles along; K.Flay has what I'm calling a rock track with "Sister", and Sabrina Carpenter is back with "In My Bed". Ms. Carpenter had a number of hits off her 2016 EVOLution album, looks like she's now building towards her next album.

On a sad note, I've discovered the artist "Christina Grimmie", who was a victim of violence a few years ago. I'm very pleased to add her track "Hold Your Head Up" to Radio Vashon's rotation.