Pictures and Other News

I've been pretty quiet on the blog, but not because nothing's happening–quite the contrary.

But first, I did want to put up some photos. We had grey weather for a while, and house guests, and in general life interfered. But today is quite nice, with just a little high haze.

Our field:

And then I took a 1/2 hour walk down the hill to the nearest shore:

All you listeners have certainly noticed an influx of Springtime tracks arriving from the industry! I would say that Carly Rae Jepsen's "Dedicated" is the biggest event of the season. I also really enjoyed P!nk's "Hustle", and her "Hurts 2B Human" album in general.

Radio Vashon gathered some attention in the local community, certainly with folks at our local radio station. The chief engineer there shepherded a few meetings between me and their Program Director, and the result is the Radio Vashon music programming system is going to be providing a bunch of their automation content. And I now am wearing the Music Director hat at the station.

I always intended Radio Vashon's underlying music software to handle broadcast stations, and I've certainly done music for FM broadcasting. But when you're streaming, it's just not quite that critical to catch every single fleeting expletive, nor cower far back from that "decency" line they've drawn in the sand.

So another reason for my silence is that I got to revisit every single track in my system, and detect if it had an FCC issue, and either flag it to be avoided on FCC airwaves, or else find or create what's known as a "radio edit" of the track. Plus code up the software to put my music tracks into their broadcast system (known as "log merging"). Quite a host of details.

I'll certainly post a note here when the content goes live on the station. The plan is to start with 10-midnight rock, and make sure everything is working OK. Then add on midnight-6AM mellow, verify again. And finally add Top 40 from 6AM until their live morning shows take over.

(Somebody asked if it was going to be a simulcast of Radio Vashon? No; it'll be a completely distinct stream of tracks. So I guess you can try one, and the other, and see which one you like better at a given point in time!)