Happy April 1st

(I started writing this on April 1st, but decided to skip any sort of prank.)

I just took care of my first music licensing report required since Radio Vashon went live. BMI wants it to cover the part of February that RV was active, along with March. The report isn't terribly detailed, but it does include a streamed track count, so for the first time I had to roll it up.

And was pleasantly surprised. I have listeners! Not enough to worry a local radio station, but it's still nice that Radio Vashon has started building an audience of people who like some or all of the music selection. Thank you!

I also had to do a music usage report to Sound Exchange. This is the sort of report where you tell them what you played, and to how many people you played it. I had written the scripts a while ago, and they needed a little tweaking, but generated what looked like sane results. I put it into Sound Exchange's system, and it came back to tell me that about half my entries were "new tracks"–please check if you screwed up. I checked. I don't think I have! We'll see what Sound Exchange thinks. Maybe I just play tracks that nobody else does?

On other fronts, I tweaked a bunch of the RV login screens based on my own observations and also some listener feedback. You should be faced with that whole "log in" screen much less often, and in most cases see a screen with useful links (including a button to just get back to the music).

A previous post documented my losing radiovashon@gmail.com (thanks, Google). Just recently they also blew my mother's account out of the water. She's in memory care (if you know what that means) and I've been minding her gmail account for her. But apparently that's not OK with Google, because her account is now permanently locked.

To celebrate, I bit the bullet and closed my own Google account. Yes, I'm just going to deal with not having Google for my texts, emails, photos, music, .... I feel almost like a digital Amish person! But the stench of their evil is just too strong for me to ignore any longer.

On a happier note, I've received some questions about Vashon. I'll try to grab a few pictures from our own place and the neighborhood, and put them in my next posting. Vashon is not Camelot, but it is a lot better than most places you could pick to live.

Happy Listening!