A Little Love for the iPod

A beautiful day here in the Pacific Northwest, and I found a little time to bring in some new tracks:

Karen O (she of Yeah Yeah Yeahs fame) has done an album with electronica DJ Danger Mouse. I was a little surprised that my favorite track was a downtempo ballad!

New to the station are pop artists Freya Ridings and Sofia Reyes. The latter is over in the Latin Pop world, and it seems like more than 75% of Latin Pop sounds exactly the same (including, alas, Shakira's last album). Tracks like Sofia's "R.I.P." are well worth digging through all the rest.

Speaking of ballads, somehow Beyonce's "Daddy Lessons" (from her second album back) never made it into the station. I've fixed that mistake. If you're on YouTube, a version she did with Dixie Chicks is the only one you'll probably find–but I like the album version better.

Finally, a report from a couple iOS users that the label for the music style always stayed at "Morning Drive". I fixed that, and also included an extra visual confirmation during the wait while skipping tracks. Sorry about the slowness of skipping, it's a consequence of limitations Apple has baked into the audio elements of iOS Safari.

Hope you're having a great weekend!