Fourth Listing in the Beachcomber

My mother-in-law is visiting (yes, yes, break out all the usual jokes), a warming trend is heading towards us, and I've just submitted my fourth graphic for next week's Beachcomber.

With one of my other hats on, I had sponsored a table for our Vashon Wilderness Program fundraiser, "WILD". It was a lot of work for our own family, and just an astonishing amount of work for our unstoppable Executive Director. But she made it look easy, and the event was quite a success.

I'll be returning to the Beachcomber presently, and I also owe them an interview. (I asked them to hold off so I could get enough of Radio Vashon on its legs to have some actual information for them.) Our other major Vashon paper is The Loop, and coincidentally, its publisher reached out to me today. With any luck, I'll have Radio Vashon showing up on its pages soon.

Here's the promo you should be seeing in a week: